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Leaving 2012 in Style… Jim Nabors “Impossible Dream”

Remember when Patriotism and the Military were televised positively in America? This is also when an actor/singer was judged by the body of his work… not an agenda, nor a lifestyle.

Almost 50 years later… we have slid back 150  years, even with every modern convenience, due directly to the last four years of the USURPER.

Young America… you missed not only the Great America but the Good and God-Fearing America.

God Help You!


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The First and Second Amendment Expectations

I expect that every American who understands and follows the Charters of Freedom i.e. The Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, and The Bill of Rights, knows that law-abiding Americans have every right to own, keep, and bear any firearm, sword, knife etc. The Leftists just have no tolerance, they hate the word right… in fact I am surprised that one of their insane gang hasn’t attempted to name a newly contrived Bill of Lefts… and that’s what you will have left after the Usurper’s administration has skimmed the taxpayers’ coffers off to the very last dime.

Fortunately the Law of the Land, the U.S. Constitution takes precedent over the myth man himself and the Second Amendment shall not be modified.

Amendment II

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

The Bill of Rights is self-explanatory with the perfect title! What part of right don’t Liberal Leftists understand? Any news media, columnists, art, song, blog, tweet, business, actor, that isn’t in the Usurper’s pocket or doesn’t tow the Liberal Leftists agenda, invariably will suffer a staged, staggered, and unhinged hate fest followed by a falsely doctored dossier that never sees a retraction. Therefore the Left does not respect, adhere, or support the First Amendment.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

When you are born you are God Given the ability to speak. While you are growing up, you are God Given the ability to defend yourself by hand, rock, or stick. These God Given Rights, the Founding Fathers well understood and carefully specified, through the Charters of Freedom.

Just because communication and protection has advanced far beyond the left’s insane  rantings, ravings, and control doesn’t mean conditions for both are better or worse, it’s called personal responsibility and integrity.

What I can’t understand is why we take English courses in our schools, as we print multilingual, yet ignore the opportunity to install hunter safety classes? Anyone… Anyone?

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No Dreaming… Conservative 1/2 of Washington State & Arkansas Have A White Christmas

Liberal Northeast… not so much!

It’s not only Santa who sees you when you’re sleeping, God knows when your awake!

Happy Birthday Lord

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Merry Christmas Eve Wishes

Peace and/or Responsibility for All!
001 And Remember it’s not all about the stuff!

Via The Birth of Jesus Luke 2 (1-20)

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”

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Merry Christmas To All & Keep Up The Good Fight!

Merry Christmas to All & Keep Up the Good Fight!

Merry Christmas to All & Keep Up the Good Fight!

Just a timely holiday note to those I love…

My wonderful children…

You were not always easy to get along with when you were just little ones and I was not always easy to please. There were reasons on both sides and back then vocalizing was difficult.

Now as you have grown older and wiser, I am proud of each and everyone of you, every day. I have learned that it wasn’t that I raised you right, it’s that we grew right together. Each of you have decided to live your lives in the right way… freely.

I thank-you for your love and affection, and as with this season, I hope you will continue to give the gift that keeps on giving, your time!

And Mommy…
Glad to see you still around and ever watchful.

And Hubby…
It’s been fun 🙂


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Muslim A$$hattery at Christmas Concert This Evening

Look Islam… I don’t go to your events… (oh wait, you don’t have any public events that can even be endorsed by public schools) … to disrupt, attack, or act with hateful disrespect… so why do you think a$$hattery by your people should be tolerated?

Tonight I witnessed an ignorant Muslim mother as she came in late and fed her children McDonald’s kids’ meals during the concert. This included the BOGUS POTUS approved apple packs, that always smell like rotten food, as she stuffed her face with her own double cheeseburger. How utterly disrespectful! After her little family meal was finished she began texting while her kids were playing games & squealing like pigs with an Ipad.

Christmas music flowed on.

The be-scarved grandmother felt the need to sit next to me, and the entire time she either chatted on the phone about a baby shower or was texting.

Christmas music flowed on.

Did I say anything to themNoat themYes!

You just can’t teach human manners in one hour to those who don’t respect human life in general! Just another case of Muslims behaving badly... and then they wonder why all other people despise them!

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Political Party Portraits Run True to Form

Democrats act like total jackasses and Republicans lumber about like circus fed elephants. No wonder independents are growing in ranks!

Nobody wants to join either party of pariahs with parasitic leaders who bleed the taxpayers’ coffers dry and then assign more taxes forcibly or by neglect. You took the job by hook or by crook, so get it done! The American people don’t care if you don’t get along, have a hang nail, blame someone else, call names, etc. Look at your job description, remember your oath… not loath of office, and complete the tasks at hand. Believe it or not, WE THE PEOPLE expect it!

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Barely There

I have been around quite a bit less these past few months and no… it’s not because of the recent elections.

I have been creative, working, child-rearing, holiday shopping, and all around productive. The best that I have been able to do consistently on a more regular basis has been tweeting.

I know that everyone has been hammered non-stop with global calamities, to general uprisings, to the never-ending scamming of the USURPER’s administration.

Time is on the side of the good and patriotic Americans. Remember we survived YEARS and years of the progressively lame (SLAM) Roosevelts.

Remember, like I always say

Patriots never give up, never give in… no matter the spin, we’re in it to win! Our US Constitution Back!!!


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Zach Fike, CEO of Purple Hearts Reunited INC Visits Uncommon Knowledge

What an amazing interview (for nearly 2 hours) this evening, as Vermont Army National Guard Captain Zachariah Fike stopped by and relayed his ongoing quests and endeavors, returning Purple Hearts to the original recipients and/or their family members. Not only is he doing his military tour of duty, he’s researching for the reunions simultaneously. This is one noble young officer as Zach, himself, is a recipient of a Purple Heart!


Purple Hearts Reunited INC.
Zachariah Fike, CEO
P.O. Box 3
Burlington, VT 05402-0003

Purple Hearts Reunited FaceBook Page

Although currently Under Construction
phrthe Web Site will be  and clickable soon!

The incredible stories of the reunions and the ‘coincidences’ associated can not be denied as it appears Capt. Fike has filled a position he was destined to pursue. Also read the November National Guard issue’s article after listening to the interview as Zach is highlighted there too!

What a Patriot!

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