One Million Moms Addressing the Godless Pariahs of Perversions on NBC

Mothers of America, if you aren’t registered with One Million Moms, you’re missing possible/probable corruption details of your children’s viewing habits. The latest filth being foisted as entertainment upon America and her children is displayed via The New Normal’ Blasphemes Jesus.

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Sent: Thu, Nov 1, 2012 6:08 pm

Subject: Pure Liberal Trash… How about you do that with ALLAH!


As a parent and member of, I strongly encourage your company 
to drop all plans of financially supporting the anti-Christian NBC program "The 
New Normal" that airs on Tuesday evenings at 9:30 ET/8:30 Central.

For too long, the media has demeaned the Christian faith in the name of humor.  
Some in the entertainment business have gone too far, for too long. 

While your company is a household name, I do not agree with your financial 
backing of this program. As a Christian, I feel you are attacking my faith. Not 
only is this program insulting to viewers of faith, it also blasphemes my Savior 
Jesus Christ.

As a consumer, I am asking you to please pull your ad immediately and support 
traditional family values instead of this anti-Christian bigotry. Please pull 
your sponsorship before next week's episode. My decision to support your company 
depends on it.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding my concern.


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