Old Cons of the Liberal $ Collection Plate of Obama Return

For everyone who has seen the article posted on Breitbart, Windfall: Obama Raises $181 Million, Only Around 2% of Donations Reportable , note this is not the first of many questionable campaign contribution practices

Take for instance on April 10, 2011, due to opportunity that Mr. Donald Trump provided, I reported for the umpteenth time of this foreign (Kenya) lottery ticket to Denver in Every Patriot Needs to Supply Mr. Donald Trump With Any Information. By the way, where is that ‘lucky winner’ back in 2008? No reporters, no pictures… hmm?

Calling All Patriots… RED ALERT

Mr. Donald Trump has taken up the cause of exposing the fraud in our government, please help him in any way you can.

This screen capture is still currently located at Jaluo http://blog.jaluo.com/?p=1233 a blog entry in Kenya!

“…Dear Readers,

Barack recorded a special video invitation for you to join him at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Watch it now and make a donation of $5 or more before midnight this Thursday, July 31st, and you could go backstage with Barack:

Watch Barack's video message

Exactly one month from today, on the last night of the Democratic National Convention, more than 75,000 people will come together in the largest stadium in Denver to be part of history.

Barack is opening up the convention and his acceptance speech to as many people as possible. Supporters like you are responsible for building this movement and for bringing this campaign so far — and Barack wants you to be part of this important moment.

Free tickets will be available soon, but if you make a donation in any amount this month, you could be one of 10 supporters selected to meet Barack backstage before he delivers his speech.

If you make a donation by midnight this Thursday, July 31st, you and a guest could be flown to Denver, spend a couple of nights in a hotel, participate in the convention, and then go backstage with Barack before the big event.

Watch this short video and make a donation of $5 or more today to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:


The Democratic National Convention is going to be an exciting and important event for this movement and for our country. I hope you will be there to join us.



David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America…”

My offering today via Twitter to Mr. Trump is:

bobbi85710 8:35pm via HootSuite @realDonaldTrump This is interesting all by itself from the Obama campaign on Kenyan Blog http://ow.ly/4xcPD

I wonder just how the winner was going to bypass passports and visas in such a short time to be the guest with the lottery drawing visit to Denver? hmm?

Also… how were these out of the country donations documented?

With the endless circling of misdirected taxpayers’ dollars, just how many mini donations of stimulus funds under the donation radar limit, would it take to make this Bogus POTUS’ campaign coffers appear to look fabulous just 1 month before the election? Yeah sure… and unemployment is at 7.8% just days after the most embarrassing Presidential debate in history on the heels of one of the most disastrous Presidential 4 year term of office.



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