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Halloween Night is Still Alright!

Spirited in Washington State!

It could be somebody’s (or more) birthday

But, elsewhere in the United States it could be a time of repair and restoration after Sandy. I know it’s hard, I have been through a disaster or two few. Resilience  and determination will keep you going. Do the Right thing. Set the example. Lead by example.  Unite to get a single job done and move on to the next. East Coasters… You are Better than the Leadership of Our Great Nation! Show the world what you are made of! And a bit of prayer doesn’t hurt!


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America Can Not Afford Another Carter/Clinton/Obama Term! Nor Can Our Military Survive One!

Each Democratic POTUS repeatedly killed (through budget cuts or by purposeful endangerment) the American Military during their tenures in our Oval Office, whether they are/were legitimate candidates or foisted puppets.

Jimmy Carter had Tehran and its cover-up! NOTE: STILL HAVING PROBLEMS WITH PROBABLE HOSTAGE TAKER – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, leader, and the Islamic Republic of Iran 40+ years later!

Bill Clinton had Mogadishu and its cover-up! NOTE: STILL HAVING PROBLEMS WITH SOMALIA – Somali pirates pose another problem for Obama over 10+ years later and present day with Are Somali Pirates Voting in Ohio?

Barack Obama (Usurper) has been currently involved with Benghazi and its cover-up! Note: If History teaches that it repeats itself, what will be the next event and who will be involved?

America, do you feel safer? NO? Well then… VOTE RIGHT!

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The Final Question Before Casting Your Vote

Am I an American or am I a Socialist?

Be true to yourself and the Red, White, and Blue when you cast that ballot!

Thought for the evening while I worry the hours away over friends and family on the East Coast.

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When the Des Moines Register Goes South on Democrats, Game Over!

Last night battleground Iowa’s leading capital paper the Des Moines Register endorsed Mitt Romney!

This is no longer a case of hope (Thank Goodness!), this is a sign! The Right Sign!

This is THE case of a state fully backing its motto

“Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights”!

Grandpa in Heaven, I know you are smiling wide!

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TSA Scanner Gremlins, Movers, or Cons?

AIT Update

Advanced Imaging Technology – Second Generation (AIT-2) Part 1 of Contracts

Advanced Imaging Technology – Second Generation (AIT-2) Part 2 of Contracts but there’s more…

hmm? Seems to me, that a WHOLE LOT of TAXPAYERS’ MONEY is being wasted on Obama Foolishness to Dangerous Activities these past several years!

It will only stop when this USURPER is fired from office!

So… America… Vote Right! Be true… to the Red, White, and Blue!

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If Washington State Mails Ballots, Then Why UN Observers?

I have first hand knowledge that this is the method as detailed in 2 previous blog entries… 

On October 22 Dropping Off the General Election Ballots in Washington State

On October 18 Has Your Washington State Official Ballot Arrived?

So why is there a scheduled UN Observer going  to Olympia Washington?

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The Downfall of the Obama Administration

The downfall, or should it be free fall, of the Obama Administration rests entirely on the paper trails…

Which is going to require loads of

newspaper to keep his seating area dry as he might get all ‘…wee wee’d up…’!

How can the USURPER ignore this paperwork request in return for a $ 5,000,000 check to a yet to be determined charity?

From the Desk of Donald Trump: Major Announcement

Published on Oct 24, 2012 by

Major Announcement.

The AMERICAN PEOPLE won’t ignore this!

Nor will Americans ignore this proof

that emails were passing through numerous government agencies immediately from Benghazi. This doesn’t even account for probable/possible phone calls! The administration obviously conspired to hide early knowledge of the Terrorist Attack in Benghazi and they were well aware that it was just that, and not/never was a ‘video’ issue as detailed in Misleader in Chief and the Second Presidential Debate.

This is going to be one brief ‘fast and furious’ hard crash landing!

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The Usurper’s Parting Scam Booklet

Nothing new to see here…

Job Scam Booklet by the USURPER

… except… what did it cost and who is paying for it?

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Dropping Off the General Election Ballots in Washington State

After reporting last week, that Hubby and I had received our Washington State Ballots in the mail… I dropped them off today at Ballot Drop Box.

Completed & Sealed Ballots

Side View of Drive Up Ballot Drop Box with Left Lower Lock

Middle Right Side Lock Displayed

Insert and Done, No UN Observers Needed!

There is also an option of adding a stamp and mailing, but I chose the better option.

Will continue to report on this process and results… stay tuned.

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An Honest American Doing the Best He Can Bringing Americans Together

Meet the Lone Gunman of Rock…

His business card (edited for privacy of phone number)

Times are tough all over but this lone man is out there doing the best he can as he takes his inspirational music and words on the road in the Northwest. Sick of the ‘extreme left and extreme right’ he’s making a stand for all to unite!

Setting Up

Fully set up stage that he tows along

God Bless Him in His Endeavor!

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