America Are You Ready to Come Together and Change Our Course?

As I tweeted earlier today “Today’s Empty Chair pic is a Gamer Chair b/c we know the USURPER & minions are gaming the system! Bogus POS POTUS…”

Tired of the lies, home and abroad, announced by this deceitful and deceptive administration and parroted by the MSM Presstitutes? Weary of the USURPER’S 24/7/365 telethons, parties, vacations, golf, money grabs, apologies, perverts, tax evaders, Obamacare, Chicago thug tactics,  homosexuals, agenda, fund-raisers, whining, in abilities, scams, slams, shams, overspending, illegal appointments, treason, TSA slugs, ignorant FLOTUS, drunken VP, government take over of companies that have continually failed, corrupt DOJ, conspiracies, hate fests, attitude,  weakness, associations, flip-flopping, and on and on… add your own as a new crack occurs hourly or less.

By the way, anyone seen Bo the dog lately or has he become a midnight snack for the USURPER?

Remember “We The People” are strong in character, backbone, and unity. Vote RIGHT in November so we don’t have another 4 years of this counterfeit government that is counter fit to govern!


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