Empty Chair Converts to Empty Bench

As the whole lot of them appear to be ‘Out to Lunch‘…

For almost 4 years, the ‘third stringanti-America team has been fooling around, not shown up for scheduled meetings, nor had a thorough game plan (on the court or outside the boundaries) since its Usurpation of  ‘We The People’sWhite House.

It is time to bench them permanently in November…
America needs a hero with a spine not a zero that’s MSM divine.

Time for a real team, America’s Team, with an A+ concrete offense and A+ protective defense to show America and the world TEAM SPIRIT! WE THE PEOPLE’ will deliver the solution to this obamanation via the polls in November 2012!


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Filed under Conservative View, Empty Chair, Illegal Aliens/Invasions, Military, Preparation, Radical by design, Security, Usurper

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