Over 3 Years of ‘On The Job Training’ Has Produced An Empty Chair In The White House


As a former business owner, and for several other businesses over the years, a hiring/training manager…I just have to say something. I know, I know, perish the thought 🙂

The USURPER, Barack Hussein Obama, the highest paid Section 8 affirmative action resident of the White House, has had 3 years, nearer to 4, to turn his ‘on the job training’ into a worthwhile occupation. As he, himself, notes… his grade is “…Incomplete…” aka FAIL.

In the real world an

Incomplete or unfilled information on any legal document will provide no legal document!

Incomplete job or job performance will get you fired within 30-90 days!

Incomplete in college will give you no records for that class, lead to no transcripts and/or graduation certificates, or a dropout!

Incomplete in grade school through high school will cause summer school, being held back,  retaking a course or courses, or a dropout!


5th chair in the #emptychairday series is RED, Full of Fluff, Overstuffed, Unstable, and Low in Stature!

It’s time to fire Obama via the ballot box in November!

Remember to Vote Smart and Vote RIGHT in November!


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