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When The World Seems Crazy, Do Something Right

Do something fun with the family that is an important learning experience in preparedness. Our pick today was a winery and vineyard. Always go to the experts when possible! You never know, what you don’t know, until you go!



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It Is Just This Basic!

From a Think Tank…


You have a choice in this election cycle – you can either help get obammmer elected or help remove him. Not sure who will get any message you might be trying to send by voting for these other folks. Either you like what’s happened this past 4 years and want even more of it – or you want someone who has been a business person to take a whack at this. Really not much more difficult than that to understand… Either you are with bho or you are not… Thanks!

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Decades of Views on Agenda 21

Children and Adults of and in the Future, pay heed to our warnings on Agenda 21. After last night’s show and blog with Michael Shaw, I received a timely email from my mother within a select group of several others…

How things have changed… took me two minutes to find the article 10 years ago or so, I spent days looking only to find I wasn’t allowed entry… Do you think a different perfume made the difference?  lolol
Read at your peril… Does anybody see a parallel in today’s universe?   look for John Be Calhoun…under Rodent Experience and their cultural  influence.
Read the original article in the fifties… and so, it has come to pass…
hugs and love … meems, mom, paujean

So, also in timely fashion I sent out an email to my buds…

This is the scary tactic/research from the 50s & 60s and what that youthful generation of Patriots/Conservatives bore in their psyche. They didn’t know that they were another testing phase of Agenda 21 (document in the 60’s yet facets born earlier) and/or One World Order that had been in the works since the dawn of their century. This affected many with deep respect (thrifty to ecologists), or mindless revolutionary attacks (think Castro to Bill Ayers), or to the greediest (globalists). Mom & I have discussed this experiment on several occasions. It played well back in the day and permeated Sci-fi books, movies, & TV shows. Currently we see it in play on the news with well framed camera angles during uprisings to ‘reality shows’ that are thrills for the globalists (emperors) and entertainment to the masses (attendees at the coliseum) via TV or internet. See it’s basic human nature just different venues over thousands of years and various societies. Right now it’s up to the level of SHRILL due to the indulgences of the globalists. However several sources have declared whether everyone on planet earth was put in either Florida or France (not comfortably of course and shoulder to shoulder 7 billion would fit) how much land is left on the planet for everything else like crops, wildlife, etc. So the globalists see it as their duty to better manage the resources including the number people while living like emperors.

Here is the full link to the main article as mom’s search reveals

More detailed links to the man (Calhoun) and his experiments

And then I received a timely reply from Jimmy, of JimmyMc-DollarSense patriotic blog, within his contacts…

Bobbi:  No question the elite(as you say globalist) have for years been programming the populace in and thru the use of television, movies, books(even school books), advertising with the ultimate goal of controlling population, food supply and demand, water sources and supply, minerals, fossil fuels, wind, solar, coal and so on.  Any and all necessities to sustain, maintain and control human life and growth on earth.  Many of our top minds in science, ecology, geology, medicine, etc. have been led to believe by those in power and position(both in public eye and behind the scenes) it is imperative to the survival of our planet and their absolute duty or mankind will cease to exist as we have known it.
What’s particularly troubling is in many ways they are correct however it’s a matter of greed and power versus working on real and possible solutions in a nation whose doctrine and consciousness is or “was” based and founded on a Constitution of, for and by “we the people” as a Republic.  This is exactly why this man named Obama got elected to the surprise of so many of our citizens.  He was and is the “key” to move this agenda along at an increased speed and the sad fact is far too many of those in our nation have no idea or clue amid those, many like us, who have either been unable to open the eyes of others until now and unfortunately I’m concerned that it’s a bit late in the curve to straighten out the mess in any normally accepted and peaceful way!
All the best to you always,

This is 3 different generations of your past history telling you to wake up! Are you passing through this life or are you willing to stand up for it and your progeny?

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Michael Shaw Visits Uncommon Knowledge and Details Status of Agenda 21

Michael Shaw of Freedom Advocates stopped by Uncommon Knowledge and spoke for the entire two hour show this evening. And what a great show it was as Michael, detailed with eloquence the past, present, and future objectives, that the Globalists are marching for with Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 For Dummies

Uploaded by on Jan 23, 2009

Agenda 21 explained very well. Including implications it will have on humanity. Opinions within the video come in some cases from those that were in on the negotiations. Truly an interesting watch.

In the second hour a surprise visit by Arlen Williams of Gulag Bound joins in for a few minutes with some counter-points. Listen in at

Uncommon Knowledge 09/25 by PatriotResistance | Blog Talk Radio.

You will never view our (currently corrupt) political machine in the same way again!


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From Tenant in the Senate to Resident of the White House

Worst Resident Ever!

Stool is the Empty Chair of the Day b/c It’s the polite way of saying the job that Obama is doing is full of…

How did the USURPER aka Empty Chair maintain one of the worst voting records while…

From Jan 2005 to Oct 2008, Obama missed 314 of 1300 recorded or roll call votes, which is 24.0%. This is worse than the median of 2.5%.

…to become the Bogus POTUS?

Between golf outings (over 100 ), campaigning (too many to tabulate), and vacations (far too lavish with or without Thunder Thighs aka Bogus FLOTUS) “…That One…” doesn’t have time to sit in a chair in “We The People’s Oval Office“!

Does anyone really need to see another term of this Bogus POS POTUS to discover anything worse yet?


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Would You Hire Him?

Work history…

Worked at an ice cream store, and it is the only real or “fairy tale” job recorded, paid with private sector money. The rest of his life has been a slide of government funds, i.e. the American taxpayers’ monies.

Worked as far left in Congress as possible!

Working to destroy the USA financially!

We don’t need more of the same! Vote RIGHT, Vote Loud, Vote Proud for America in November! Thwart more years!

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Uh-huh, sure, more like CAUGHT!

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America Are You Ready to Come Together and Change Our Course?

As I tweeted earlier today “Today’s Empty Chair pic is a Gamer Chair b/c we know the USURPER & minions are gaming the system! Bogus POS POTUS…”

Tired of the lies, home and abroad, announced by this deceitful and deceptive administration and parroted by the MSM Presstitutes? Weary of the USURPER’S 24/7/365 telethons, parties, vacations, golf, money grabs, apologies, perverts, tax evaders, Obamacare, Chicago thug tactics,  homosexuals, agenda, fund-raisers, whining, in abilities, scams, slams, shams, overspending, illegal appointments, treason, TSA slugs, ignorant FLOTUS, drunken VP, government take over of companies that have continually failed, corrupt DOJ, conspiracies, hate fests, attitude,  weakness, associations, flip-flopping, and on and on… add your own as a new crack occurs hourly or less.

By the way, anyone seen Bo the dog lately or has he become a midnight snack for the USURPER?

Remember “We The People” are strong in character, backbone, and unity. Vote RIGHT in November so we don’t have another 4 years of this counterfeit government that is counter fit to govern!

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What’s Missing? Reality!

It’s another one of those staged events that make a great distraction for the Liberal Degeneration. An attending professional photographer, who is somehow a day early (9/14) for the next evening’s (9/15) arrest/self turn-in/police inquiry, makes numerous observations

…home appears to be empty and the door knobs have been removed. There are a couple of notes on the doorstep…

that appear to be reported no where else in the USURPER’S Lame Stream Media. As a professional photographer, Ted Soqui, registered his photo showing police milling nearby the premises of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula the day before he allegedly met with law enforcement…

If this is the FIRST PHOTO: Nakoula Basseley Nakoula revealed! Photo surfaces despite his efforts to shield face from media after interview with police then who was this?

Anti-Islam Filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, Taken in for Federal Questioning

Published on Sep 15, 2012 by

Federal officials are interviewing a California man believed to be the maker of an anti-Islam film that ignited a firestorm in the Muslim world, authorities said Saturday.

hmm? listen to the newscaster on how long they waited for this event to happen. Were the newscasters notified prior of something and by whom? When were they notified? “…days…”

listen to the neighbor comment on the family structure. Who owns the residence, with no door knobs and empty, if you believe the photographer above or the ‘neighbor’ of “…10 years…”?

btw? Who were the professional film maker and lighting gaffe at the event on other videos? Why the quantity of law enforcement officials? Staged? You betcha, because what time of day was the USA notified of Ambassador Stevens’ death on (9/11)?

Connect the dots!

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Who didn’t see this coming?|maing6|daily-buzz3|sec4_lnk2|206871

Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South

TSA to FAA disgust!

UPDATE: TSA Making Airport Body Scanners More Private and the citizenry believes this why… because safety has never been verified either as New Documents Raise More Questions About Safety Of TSA Scanners.

Parties trade blame as FAA shutdown looms and that would be a bad thing? We have no responsible leadership in DC anywhere as the FAA’s own ultimate department head, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, waits until the last minute to urge any action by Congress on the FAA Bill. Efficiency and Safety is not Job 1 for Mr. LaHood. We have thieves working in airports, unlawful physical fondling occurring daily by TSA agents, and sleeping on the job airport tower workers. What is the FAA’s true agenda because it appears to be nothing more than organization of corrupt individuals unqualified to hold a respectable job in the private sector? Who does background checks…

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