It is All or Nothing! Time to Clear Washington DC of Guttersnipe in November

But those radicals don’t play... they lie, cheat, steal, set up ‘false flags’,  parrot and repeat… so take a tip from Ulsterman via the article White House Insider Issues Warning – False Flag Planned For GOP Convention.


It’s not as if we haven’t caught them in ‘the act’ before and/or their minions…

Most recent and just yesterday Tampa police chief: Rooftop findings a concern, not a surprise

Postulating False Flags of Hate and Discontent

From Fainting to Dying, Obama’s Progressive Grasp Overreaches

The Drama of Obama Has Not Ceased, It’s ‘Heating’ Up in Maryland at Bowie University

There are so many more events since 2008, but if tallied here, it would have to be accessed as an E-Book!

So next week, they are throwing Biden into the mix in Tampa… and what is the purpose of this tawdry piece of work? Just how far will the megalomaniac’s minions devolve? What outrageous antics have been staged?

Personally, I would not engage with anyone outside of my immediate circle of friends and Patriots. Go with your gut and your camera. If it doesn’t feel right… film those leftist morons! They can be identified quickly. The bloggers will keep the sunlight glowing on Florida. Use Twitter, Facebook, Email and the bloggers will follow up and disperse it far and wide. Don’t rely on the Lame Stream Media to get the word out as they are in the megalomaniac’s pocket.

And remember to Vote RIGHT in 2012! Get the Guttersnipe out of DC!



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2 responses to “It is All or Nothing! Time to Clear Washington DC of Guttersnipe in November

  1. Reblogged this on Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South and commented:

    Be safe to all of my buds down in Florida next week. If I was still in Arkansas, I’d have been going with you 🙂

  2. Interesting Intel that Occucriers possess via ANON for Tampa hmm?

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