Y’all Where and When It is Used and Wrongly by Joe Biden

Living in and elected from the state of Delaware… year after year… it appears that Joe Biden thought that he had hit the deep South when he uttered his latest gaffe…

Where is it spoken?

Because I have loved living in both the states of Delaware and Virginia, I do have room to talk, and by the way it was southern Delaware in Lewes and Rehoboth Beach! Y’all 20+ years ago was not commonplace speak… nor is it today… so where and why did Joe pull it out?

Delaware Civil War – Union Allegiance

In Virginia where I resided for over two years, over 20+ years ago, Y’all wasn’t commonplace… nor is it today… so where and why did Joe pull this out?

Virginia Civil War – Confederate Allegiance

I recently left Arkansas after a decade and you know what.. we’all said y’all there every once in a while!

Joe just what did you mean when you said

“…put y’all back in chains…”

Did you forget where you were, who you were with, or what part of the country that you were not in?

Hubby says it best when he queried me with

So, how did Joe Biden, all of a sudden, start talking with “Y’All” in front of a large black audience and not mean they were going to be put in chains, as slaves once again, by the Republican party?? This was directed at those specific personages in the audience, not his cohorts from the north!

I guess JOE doesn’t know the history of his party as revealed by the Wall Street Journal piece The Democrats’ Missing History, that also confirms that factual data was scrubbed from various sites as far back as early in 2008. This also proved to be just the beginning of historical facts and erasures. hmm?

Joe are you just gaffetastic or were you trying to start a civil war by acting uncivil?


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    As the Democrats throw whatever out there to see what sticks!

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