Fires in the Northwest – Washington State

Many people picture Washington State as lush, rainy, and heavily populated like the Puget Sound, but there is whole other side of the state where I currently reside…

…one of rolling hills, dry vegetation, and threats of fire. Last night there was an accidental fire on Red Mountain that pretty much blackened its surface. This distant view shows the huge impact of a combination of brush fires.

Unfortunately, this is not a solo fire situation in the Northwest, or even Washington State as the Cle Elum wildfire burns 60 homes, buildings.

Not to diminish the wildfires in Arkansas, Arizona, or California where I have also lived and seen them occur…  I have just never been so close to the event, where the very air is thick with acrid smoke and there is a fallout of residue. And the speed, that’s the scary part… as there are no natural breaks in the terrain up here to slow the fire, nor tall trees or vegetation to hinder the flow of smoke. The firefighters here do one hell of a job! God Bless every one of them as they battle these blazes in this sweltering summer heat.



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2 responses to “Fires in the Northwest – Washington State

  1. Amanda

    That is crazy looking…that whole hill is burnt.

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