Union Goons Propped by the Bogus POTUS Disrupts Business for Over a Year!

Unions good for business? NO WAY and this said from a once union-only family!

Pick any one faction of Obama’s foot soldiers, minions, morons, goons, and tools like the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 367 as Tacomans Sick and Tired of Year-Long Grocery Store Picketing. These union tools even prop their own punk stunt on the UFCW 367 website. Classy, NOT!

Agitation on demand appears to be the liberal lunacy plan and Obama message. Unions are done and you can thank Obama/Trumka for that! You have lost any sense of dignity or integrity during the Usurper’s administration as you have taken marching order after marching order on demand. The people of The United States of America are repulsed by you.

Well what does a one time supporter have as an option to the orders…

“…Now, even once staunch union supporters are sick and tired of the union’s constant interference.The News Tribune recently reported on this absurd situation in downtown Tacoma and the take away from the story is that even people that would otherwise support unions just don’t know what this union’s problem is! Its goals are not clear at all and the nearly year-long picketing is unfathomable to residents.”

…there is a solution.

How To Decertify Your Union.

I tweet this link almost every day. SO… use it or totally lose your free will!


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