John Hamer of the Washington News Council Visits Uncommon Knowledge

Did anyone know that in one northwest state, Washington, the very last News Council anywhere in these The United States of America exists today?

One may ask just what is a news council and what does it do?

John Hamer – President of the Washington News Council joined Denise and me earlier this evening on Uncommon Knowledge 08/07 by PatriotResistance | Blog Talk Radio (Skip to just past the first half hour mark) and explained to our listeners the history, purpose, ethics, and recent achievements of this priceless organization. John graced us for an hour and a half giving all quite the education. He also informed the listeners of the additional website, Tao of Journalism, that is truly an ethical enhancer with a pledge program that every journalist (credentialed or citizen) should commit to… I mean why wouldn’t you?

What I personally learned today is that there are good people in journalism who strongly support and uphold the First Amendment for all. In this state, and confined to Washington State only, there is a solution for those who might suffer from journalistic errors or malicious mistakes. Isn’t it high time that every state develop their own News Council? It could create many jobs, correct the numerous journalistic errors in print/radio/TV/cyberspace, and finally, it could hold journalists publicly accountable. If I didn’t have one where I was, I would build it! What a fortunate move I made!

Anyone who is interested in forming a News Council for their state should really peruse the Washington News Council website to become inspired, to frame as a primer, and to learn what it takes! Then after fully committing to this venture in truth, contact John Hamer for polish and fine tuning.

Washington News Council points of contact:




The system is broken and here is one more tool to fix it!



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2 responses to “John Hamer of the Washington News Council Visits Uncommon Knowledge

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    Someone back there in Arkansas as well as the 48 other states, needs to start organizing a News Council. Get ‘er done!

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