Uncommon Knowledge 07/24 With Ami Horowitz

This past Tuesday evening Ami Horowitz stopped by and visited Denise and I on Uncommon Knowledge 07/24 by PatriotResistance | Blog Talk Radio (Archived Show Link).

Ami engaged in his personal observations as detailed in his article United We Fall: My Journey into the Corrupt Heart of the U.N., the DVD release of U.N. Me, and the ongoing entanglements of that derelict body. He devoted his time to nearly the entire first hour of our two hour show, What a Patriot! Listening to him and/or reading his article, above, unveils just a smidgeon of the mystery and the corruption that exudes within the United Nations elitist system. And if you can go to the U.N. Me site and order his DVD, you won’t be disappointed as he has first hand knowledge and can really enthrall the reader, listener, or viewer with even more revelations! Denise has her copy on order and I am not long behind 🙂 !


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