Plumb Sick of the Political Game of Citizen Roundup Threats

Look America… the increased volume of continual threats of more threats against Americans potentially being forced into concentration camps of some sort has become ridiculous! Look around your own neighborhood, city, county, state… are any in anarchy and chaos? Of course not! The only crazy factors in the USA, today, appear to be Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and their treasonous ilk with ‘colorfully named organizations’ and the treacherously evil collective known as OWS.

A little play on the word plum was in order!

Obozo and his traitorous ratpack only scare those who they have dirt on in the political arena and those who have gotten fat on the dole via the American taxpayers’ backs. They all need their gravy train. There are no Patriots in those sandboxes, and any Democrat or Republican revealed to be corrupt or conspiratorial needs to be outed! The alternative to crossing administrations like Obama’s or Clinton’s appears to leave a wake of formerly live human beings and none have ever been regular everyday people. They need the workers to continue to vote for them so that the circle of strife continues. This country is not too large to fail, but the American people are not sheep nor are they asleep any longer to allow it to fail. Remember these immortal words from FDR’s 1st Inaugural Address

“…So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance…”

as these appear to be pertinent today! If you become paralyzed with fear, they win! But if you are a red, white, and blue Patriot then think and live like this

Patriots never give up, never give in… no matter the spin, we’re in it to win! Our US Constitution Back!!!

There is an unconstitutional USURPER in our WHITE HOUSE who has made pretend appointments, decrees, laws etc. He’s a nobody, a never was and a never could be. He’s no President, he’s only a Resident of the highest valued Section 8 Housing Unit in these United States of America! Obama is just like a fake pair of designer jeans. They look good, seem like a great fit, they have an unknown origin, and after a few outings the flaws begin to show until the jeans totally fall apart. In both situations, was it all really worth it?


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