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Ted Cruz Rises and Shines Tonight in Texas for All Americans!

Keeping the momentum going for all Americans, who believe that The United States of America is a constitutional republic, is a Ted Cruz Win!

That’s a huge win for America, great job TEXAS!

Now let’s purge Washington DC via the polls, come November, Patriots! Time to SECURE AMERICA!


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Waste Not, Want Not and Your Vote in November!

And just listen why…

6-Year-Old Gives 10 Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama!

Published on Jul 29, 2012 by

Isaac Anthony is a conservative six-year-old who knows where he stands on political issues and the upcoming Presidential election.

Can’t argue with one word! Even children know what is RIGHT rather than wrong… THE USURPER OBAMA!

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Why Would Anyone Want to Open a Brick and Mortar Store During the Days of Flash Mob Slobs?

The Chicago Thug in Chief, through his moronic ‘community organizing‘ example, has inspired Flash Mob Slobs into theft within retail establishments. This is just like how he stole the seat in the oval office.

Isn’t it interesting for all to see, the composition, of these various perpetrators…

Flash Mob Robs 7-11

300 Black Teens Flash Mob Florida Walmart $1,500 in Goods Stolen!

Flash Mob robbery at Mildblend Chicago

Do these kids remind THE USURPER of his own kids?
Since nobody built their business, can just anyone just tear it down?
Where are the parents of these punks?
Do all of the Democrats believe that this is great progress?
Note that these klepto crowds are increasing the frequency of attacks and doesn’t it seem driven by some radical design?

Could this be considered a ‘hate crime’ for ‘hating business owners’ and stripping them of their goods and creating a lack of business for several days to weeks. It takes time to replenish stock and proceed with insurance claims… hmm? I mean… business people are a hard-working class of people, are classier than some, and are definitely harder working than these thieves!

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UnWorld Order as I Won’t Watch the Overstaged Olympics

It doesn’t feel right this year…

NBC aka Namely Barack Central has its own scheduling agenda inside the USA.

There is a Usurper running the USA into the ground and he has matched megalomaniacs around the planet doing the same.

The Faux FLOTUS has acted the a$$ with Olympic wrestlers.

Rules have been engaged for the ‘religion of pieces’.

There are ongoing wars and rumors of wars, so if it happens to be the ‘…last days…’, I have better things to do!

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REMINDER Time to Begin the Watch on the Electoral College Processes

There can not be enough checks and balances by “We The People” during these dark days of the Usurper’s administration!

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Uncommon Knowledge 07/24 With Ami Horowitz

This past Tuesday evening Ami Horowitz stopped by and visited Denise and I on Uncommon Knowledge 07/24 by PatriotResistance | Blog Talk Radio (Archived Show Link).

Ami engaged in his personal observations as detailed in his article United We Fall: My Journey into the Corrupt Heart of the U.N., the DVD release of U.N. Me, and the ongoing entanglements of that derelict body. He devoted his time to nearly the entire first hour of our two hour show, What a Patriot! Listening to him and/or reading his article, above, unveils just a smidgeon of the mystery and the corruption that exudes within the United Nations elitist system. And if you can go to the U.N. Me site and order his DVD, you won’t be disappointed as he has first hand knowledge and can really enthrall the reader, listener, or viewer with even more revelations! Denise has her copy on order and I am not long behind 🙂 !

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Obama Admits His Own Family Should Not Reproduce

or even continue their own lives?

From the Chicago Sun Times, yesterdayDeath of Tonya Reaves after an abortion is a reminder that abortions carry risks. Wait a minute, Chicago, hmm?

Gee, if Trayvon Martin reminded Obama of his possible son, does Tanya Reeves remind Obama of one or both of  his daughters? Was that what was he remembering in Portland Oregon today, when he spoke these words:

“…Mr. Romney wants to get rid of funding for Planned Parenthood. I think that’s a bad idea…I’ve got two daughters. I want them to control their own health care choices…”

Video at the 31.38 mark until the 31.50 mark via KVAL.


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Conservative Patriots Have Made Great Strides During the Oppressive Obama Administration

As I have kept a close eye on several of my blogging sites and in particular my “Mouth in the South” blog, I have noticed and notated a unique falloff of Liberal Progressive Obamabot spam-a-lot drive-bys in Great News – The Liberal Spammers Appear to Be Losing Steam Updated last updated on May 4, 2012.

And the rats continue to retreat as today’s screen capture displays~

The tools and fools may have the airwaves, but there is value in numbers, and the Patriotic and Conservative bloggers keep the air clean via TRUTH. Looks like the trolls are fleeing the blog game as progressively as the Democrats flee from The USURPER.

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Elitist Usurper’s Elitist Scam*Pain Team to Party Hearty with Cable Show Crew at Martha’s Vineyard… oh, puh-leeze

So… the Elitist Usurper’s Scam*pain wants to frolic with members, including one Omar, of an HBO series on the elitist playground of Martha’s Vineyard

Questions to ponder…

Who believes for one minute that the Bogus POTUS will not show?

Does the Usurper’s Campaign realize that not every American has cable?

Does the Usurper’s Campaign realize that not every American, who has cable, has HBO?
et cetera…

Thank God for TCM 🙂

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No Cash for Clunkers in France But a Likely Government Bailout for Peugeot

Plan de sauvetage mais aucun Cash for Clunkers pour la France…

Oh, Mr Peugeout, you should exercise caution in the Global “Cat and Mouse Game”. Be careful of Socialists in ‘high’ places as the BBC reports Peugeot chairman warns of ‘dangerous’ criticism.

They are playing a combo of Alinsky and Agenda 21 tactics upon you!

You and your family will end up losing your company!

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