The Straight Jackets Are Coming, The Straight Jackets Are Coming to Take Them Away…

Screen captures are just like original photographs that speak louder than words…

The Occupy Wall Street CLAN in my former state of residence is whining for my attention. Isn’t that so very sad for the Occucriers as they have been neutralized by their own crimes and their own members.

Just remember Patriots…  that Liberals, including OWS eat/beat/rape/stone/stab/shoot/murder their own and are highly regarded and

embraced for their criminal activities by Obama,
supported by Pelosi,
adored by Debbie Wasserman Schultz,
idolized by Van Jones,
praised by George Clooney,
and invoked by Harry Reid

as I relayed in Unhinged Left Lunatics Harass the Usurped White House on my previous ‘southern’ blog.


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