A Job Plan for America – Back 2 Basics

How about reaching out and touching (a real) someone?

The Pull Cord is still dangerously long, while the receiver to phone cord is totally useless and silly! This toy is foolish!

Why is it that when you make a phone call to a business, for any form of assistance, one either gets
a) Recordings with additional prompts to other recordings or
b) You reach a foreign operator with no command of American English that usually attempts to assist by reading through phonetically spoken scripts?

Now add some more insult to injury as the USURPER Obama unlawfully decides to pander with additional illegal minor-aged aliens parents to obtain
a) An influx of unqualified illegal empathy votes and
b) Another horde of illegal aliens holding non-taxpaying jobs from American Citizens and Legal Immigrants, that according to Jerry McConnell’s article this morning on Canada Free Press, confirms the drain upon The United States of America:

“…I would like to suggest to Senor Ramos that the immigration system is not broken, it is only the immigration LAWS that have been broken; and those breaks were perpetrated by the illegal aliens who entered our country without authorization and have been draining our economy ever since…”

SO… For every U.S. Business it is well past time to snip the recorded messages and hire additional employees (American Citizens & Legal Immigrants) to assist your immediate customers’ needs in person and to provide optimal customer service over the phone. A happy customer is a returning customer. Oh, and get rid of the overhead MUZAK or other subscription music services that distract employees and do nothing to sooth the savage customer waiting for assistance from… NO ONE! The cut in music delivery costs will pay for at least one monthly employee. Happy and engaged employees generate better to best sales with repeat customers. And one more suggestion… efficiency and measurements of employee performance is nothing more than a charade of management using ‘whipping points‘ and does not create a harmonious environment. Customers can feel the ‘pressure‘ impact that stressed employees exude.

If every business hired just 1 employee today, what would unemployment records reflect tomorrow?

And… let me address the Fisher-Price toy telephone pictured above, as it was Made in China! This country, pushing goods into the United States, has had such a stellar record in plastics manufacturing safety and overall children’s products distribution safety recordNOT!


a) Always and immediately ask for an American citizen to speak with on phone calls with companies and service centers. Make this a ‘hot button’ issue and establish the need for total compliance in American Only‘ hiring. CREATE THE NEED!
b) Can 1 American plastics manufacturing firm step up, contact Fisher Price with a safety plan, and create additional jobs right here in the United States? Be the first company to re-engage “MADE IN THE USA” the norm once again!


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