Islam is a Political Movement and Military Plan, Not a Religion

Listen in to the Blog Talk Radio archive of Uncommon Knowledge where Dave Gaubatz, author of The Muslim Mafia, details various aspects of the Islamic purpose obtained through firsthand knowledge and expertise. Although, the Wikipedia entry contains an obvious and obtuse bias, the fact line is adequate detailing the work~

“…The book is based on a six-month undercover investigation of the Washington-based CAIR by Chris Gaubatz — son of co-author Paul David Gaubatz — who posed as a convert to Islam. The book uses documents Chris Gaubatz obtained as a CAIR intern to support the book’s assertions that CAIR is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, and that CAIR supports international jihad against the U.S…”

Dave graced us with his knowledge during the entire 2 hour show, please listen and learn from this well known and established expert:

Listen to
internet radio with PatriotResistance on Blog Talk Radio

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