The Obsession Over Breastfeeding Is Ridiculous!

As The News Tribune visits the AP story Washington Guard moms start breastfeeding debate, it appears that some women have become overly and overtly obsessed by a natural biological process that was never meant to become a long term commitment, or fodder, for opportune photo shoots.

Case in point, where my opinion was asked and I responded, in the AP article by Beth J. Harpaz titled Time cover shows mom breastfeeding 3-year-old

“…Bobbi Miller, a mother of six who lives in Arkansas, expressed disapproval in a tweet and said in a phone interview, “Even a cow knows when to wean their child.” Of the cover, she said: “Why would this even be out there? It’s ludicrous. It’s almost on the verge of voyeurism.”…”

Breastfeeding is not a lifetime commitment unless you are aWet Nurse. Oh, Washington State… I just bet you are happy I’m back!


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