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“All Lives Matter To God Their Creator”

Liberal State!

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Cleaning the False Conservatives from My Email – 1st Up Erick Erickson – Delete

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff….


For shame, you are to blame, and just like FOX… you are eliminated from my viewing.

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Will the Real Republican Candidates Please Stand Up?

Where were you when Donald Trump was being set up for a potential fall by FOX news? Where was your outrage? What kind of intelligence does your team have? Mr. Trump was prepared.

Where were you when Donald Trump was uninvited to Red State? He is a Republican, running for the same office, and every other one of you except Ben Carson – who was not in attendance, did not stand up, fight for his right, or pass on the invite yourself?

Where were you when Ben Carson was not even extended an invitation to Red State? He is a Republican, running for the same office, and every other one of you except Donald Trump – who was not in attendance, did not stand up, fight for his right, or pass on the invite yourself?

What does this say about your moral compass? What does this say about your decision making? What does this say about your leadership skills and/or building effective teams?

Has the RNC really vetted each and every one of you?

I am ashamed of FOX news and no longer watch that channel. I pity the Republican candidates who attended Red State and sold out, by word and by deed, their fellow candidates. It is proof that these same misguided candidates will be wholly unable to support any other primary winner and it’s still early in the political season. For shame!

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Men… Is Your DNA in Play Due to Planned Parenthood?

Women and girls have become painfully aware that, due to Planned Parenthood’s selling of fetal baby parts, a portion of their genetic code is out there in the real world. There is no proof that any woman has ever agreed to have her aborted fetus dissected and sold. How could anyone under the age of 18 and in some states, engage in an abortion without parental consent or knowledge, legally authorize the dismemberment of a baby?

Men and boys… did you know that your DNA is out there circulating as well? You were half of the equation at conception. Were you made aware of an abortion, prior to, or long after the event? Did you have a chance to agree to your potential baby’s demise and/or body parts usage? Did Planned Parenthood ask you for your permission to sell your genetic coding?

If a fetus is not a viable being, then why are its parts viable, and for a price?

Did you ever wonder how Botox is cultured?

Did you ever wonder where ‘synthetic’ Skin is produced?

When, if ever, are the parts and pieces, destroyed?

It is 10:00, do you know where your DNA is/was today?

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2016 Vote First String… Not JV or Dream Team

I see a First String Team

The TicketTrump/Cruz

Sarah Palin – Department of Energy

Trey Gowdy – Attorney General

Ben Carson – Surgeon General

Chris Christie – Department of Transportation

Scott Walker – Department of Homeland Security

Mike Huckabee – Secretary of State

Allen West – Department of Veterans Affairs

Carly Fiorini – Social Security Adminstration

Rand Paul – Dept of Immigration & ICE

More ideas to follow but it’s a good start!

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No, John McCain, You Are Now Relegated to the Spam Folder


John McCain’s accomplishments – POW, 1st POTUS loss vs Obama, crap deals in the U.S. Senate. He might have been some type of hero as a POW, but what hero work has he accomplished in the Senatezero!

Donald Trump’s accomplishments – Full American Dream and now the Voice of America!

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California… You Have Got a Real ‘Wiener’ There!

Callous, Outrageous, Coward are the words that spring to mind when viewing Scott Wiener’s dodging of a FOX News Reporter at his official SF offices. Observe

And this Liberal lackey in a future election, wants to infect the entire state by seat warming in the California state senate.

This is an elected official… dodging the press… over the murder of a female constituent, by a repeat criminal offender and illegal alien, that he & other Liberal ilk protect in a ‘sanctuary city‘. Outrageous! One has to ponder, if this was his potential male paramour or maybe if he was as diligent in the protection of his constituents (KATE STEINLE) as he is in the use of Truvada to avoid AIDS, would the results be different? I believe that if San Francisco officials followed the entire law and not just portions that they ‘felt’ were okay, Kate Steinle would still be alive and her murderer would be back in his own country or prison. But sadly they won’t even respond to questions about the present conditions that they support.

San Francisco’s system of Fruits, Nuts, and Felons does not work!

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Butchered American English aka No Illegal Alien Left Behind

Where was this little gem spotted? Not in the South, not in Florida… but the Liberal Loony State of Washington!

Are should read 'OUR'!

Are should read ‘OUR’!

With this type of decay… we need a rooting of the weeds
Core Curriculum
Illegal Invasion
Ethnic Diversity
Bush/Clinton Dynasty

I see a remedy on the horizon in Donald Trump.

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Thank-You Hobby Lobby…

…for keeping everything real!

Today's Newspaper In God We Trust

Today’s Newspaper
In God We Trust

Thank-you for informing the oblivious to what is obvious about our planet, our country, our individual state, and individual town. We are One Nation Under God!

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Papers? Only as Good as the Story One Needs!

…and believe it or not, this is not about BHO the Created One.

There was obviously quite a bit of ‘unique documentation’ occurring in the 60s & 70s as evidenced by my recent find.

Take just one 1940 born Viet Nam born gal with a few Viet Namese passports, with and without child, and view just a portion of her world tour…

1 of the passport exteriors

with a Raytheon sticker? Now why would that be?

Inside the front cover… the title page, yet

stapled to the interior side of the book cover…

…are many lists of different contacts including the Saudi Arabian branch.

Interesting though as this gal was declared a housewife

living in Tennessee or

or Saigon or


several other locales.

But maybe that is because she had a free pass

to visit some interesting ‘friends’ worldwide like




and even the

Royal Saudi Consulate of Saudi Arabia-New York .

Someone has a questionable background on paper, so I question, and always will… the legitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama.


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