Why Lie? Just Admit, Teachers, That You Want a 5 Day Vacation!

Did you miss your Union prescribed gig on May the 1st and want to make your dark mark on society?

Today’s local paper’s headline

Tri-City teachers give resounding approval to May 21 walkout

Greedy SOBs… and the Unions are too! btw RED SHIRTS are so Commie!

Let’s see if schools were scheduled to be closed to students on Friday & Monday following the Memorial Day Weekend…


… why yes, yes they are… and now the teachers want a fifth day off? Unbelievable!

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Found on Drudge… Coincidence?

What chance is there when CNN aka the Communist News Network announces future drone usage… highlighted below


Screen capture of Drudge today

… and Baltimore is visited by same… hmm?

So who will be the first Pulitzer Prize Winner in ‘journalism’ who wasn’t really anywhere near an assignment? Oh that’s right… it will fit the liberal main stream media libels by taking on the name of the BRIAN WILLIAMS Award.

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Money Wasted on Surveys When Services Are Needed By Our Veterans

As a Military Veteran have you received your ‘Survey of Veteran Enrollees’ Health and Use of Health Care‘ packet for the umpteenth time?


It comes with a prepaid return envelope and a what cost? How much is the human cost vs. any real advancement in health care for OUR Veterans?


The Department of Veterans Affairs obviously knows that this is a duplicated effort as detailed in a portion of the letter received and screen captured above.

The WASTE… as OUR Veterans suffer!

If you want a personal view of the website for the insane and inappropriate line of questioning that is laid out on the form… it is impossible without a pin number.

So much for ease of use, transparency, and reformation during the Obama administration.

There is no greater example of Waste, Fraud, and Abuse by another President since this country’s inception!

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Twisted Facts

Also known as… to logical thinkersBS.

A search page screen captured today…


Who is editing, creatively engineering, or just completely lying on the grand scale of the internet? No wonder education is out of sync. No wonder people don’t recognize reality in this uncertain world. When lib progs rule… they drool their drivel bombastically upon the 99%ers yes they are the 1%ers, the bankbook carrying, Cayman Island money laundry and currency stashing, greedy government tools. They mean to keep the majority – stupid!

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Chinese Flag at Olympia Equates to Socked Dorm Room Door Handle

…Washington Gov. Jay Inslee decided to fly a Communist China flag right next to the American flag at the Washington State capitol to honor a visiting Chinese ambassador. Inslee, a Democrat, ordered the Chinese flag be raised right between Old Glory and the state flag outside the capitol building in Olympia…

So after speaking with the Governor’s office this morning at 360-902-4111, I have come to understand that ignorance is truly Democratic bliss.

When I asked about the reasoning behind this Communist Flag Flying ‘choice’…. answer “international protocol…” and my response… “when did Washington State become a country?”… further response CRICKETS.

I also informed his offices, that this little jib “…isn’t in the Washington State Constitution…”… and response “…don’t know about…”


So if John Kerry’s lack of American allegiance resonates with his Muslim in-laws… while doing negotiations with Muslims, does Jay Inslee proffer the Chinese Flag for similar reasons?

Sock on the dorm room door handle at college, something is happening, you can’t be privy to it,  and just go away.


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More Uninformed Oregon Voters Produce Worst Results

So if Oregon is to become the first state to adopt automatic voter registration and yet

“…has one of the highest voter registration rates in the nation – 73 percent…”

already and voted the ‘Worst U.S. President’ (Obama) into office… TWICE, along with the Worst U.S. Governor’ (John Kitzhaber) into office… FOUR TIMES… why would Oregonians want

MORE UNINTERESTED, IRRESPONSIBLE, UNINFORMED, PROBABLY/MAYBE (?) U.S. Citizens in Oregon pushing all off a financial cliff?

I mean, the track record speaks for itself, and how’s that Governor Kitzhaber assisted Obamacare exchange system working there in Oregon – before during and after his recent resignation?

Oh that’s right… new Governor Kate Brown signs legislation to dissolve the exchange on March 6, 2015… hmm?

Big STATE Government doesn’t work!

Now if only Obama would do a ‘Kitzhaber’ because his Big Federal Government is overdrawn too!

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A Veteran’s Notice of Delinquent Government

Received today

How Efficient is our Government?

I sent a letter to the National Personnel Records Center sometime last year. Yes, it’s been so long that I almost forgot I actually had done so!

Anyway, they got back to me today, with a letter Dated January 29, 2015. Postmark is Mar 09 2015. It took THAT LONG to go from a
desktop to the mail room.

Now, here’s the kicker!
It tells me that they have referred the request to another agency and I should expect a reply from the specified office listed in the letter.

I’m hoping I’m still alive before the response gets to me!!!

My question is… how would a widow or widower of a veteran proceed with a burial of their spouse, if the service member gets so little assistance while alive?

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An Off Balance Obama Requires Being Placed in Check by Congress

Originally posted on Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South:

Checks and Balances is the cornerstone of our Republic. Unfortunately a tyrannical Democratic Usurping ‘constitutional law professor’ does not understand it, so the U.S. Congress stepped in to clarify with



Finally a collective somebody has put Baby in the Corner!


View original

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Enemies of the State?

Guest Blogger

Every student of the 70’s who protested against the war in Vietnam should read this.
Your tax dollars support this college. Your state and federal tax dollars go toward the education of each and every one of these anti-american flag liberals!
If you write to your congressman to defund all monies used to assist these non-combatants, what do you think their tuition would be to attend this anti-american liberal college? 
The liberal educators are the cause of the many woes of this country. Let their students feel what real capitalism is.

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There Is ONE Way Hillary Can Salvage and Shine

What if Hillary went all noble and declared Obama was never eligible to hold the position he seat warms currently? What if she executed the lines… “I, in my lower position as Secretary of State, and with regard to National Security for the USA, endeavored to keep all State Department secrets via my own servers. Barack Obama was never vetted by the DNC, Nancy Pelosi, or the MSM and has usurped the Presidency of The United States of America. He is THE DOMESTIC TERRORIST!”

Look… I can’t stand the Clintons, but 2016 would be hers as the “Mother of the Rebirth of this Nation”. Biden would have to go too but that would give Boehner a little over a year to start cleanup and restoration!

Not as far-fetched as some would believe. She has been backed into a corner and she needs to come out swinging. She may never grab that golden ring of the Presidency, but she would go down in history as a National Hero and Treasure, that would best even Bill!

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