Progressives aka Socialists Getting Boots on the Ground for Mid-Term Elections

via Progressives aka Socialists Getting Boots on the Ground for Mid-Term Elections


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Entitled to Your Opinion and Losing Your Job Willingly vs Unwillingly

Fifteen Minutes of Flame for Juli and her GoFundMes fan base of the demented.and this initial outing that is nearly $50,000 in deranged financing. Poor, poor baby Juli… yes you are entitled to your opinion but should you be rewarded for exercising it? No… I think not! That hand gesture was not free speech unless you are physically impaired in some way…. once again, I think not! This was YOUR choice! You didn’t “..say anything…“, you displayed. Actually, you were a traffic hazard, and an obvious embarrassment to your employer. They took the necessary corrective action to distance themselves from your antics. I commend them.

Juli you are classless and clueless.

Now for the real shame:

A hardworking man (Good Samaritan Critically Hurt Trying to Help Woman Being Beaten) came to the defense of a woman and suffered massive injuries and can not work to help care for his mother. He was not exercising an opinion or an agenda. His GoFundMe is sitting an a paltry $1625 after 8 days. 

Really, America?

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The Idiocy and Downfall of David Leavitt Who Should Have Left-It Alone

If you were not paying attention to the Liberal Loon Media Presstitutes, trying to grab their 15 minutes of fame & flame over the Manchester mass attack today, then you missed the idiocy of David Leavitt on Twitter. His ‘jokes’ were beneath contempt and

Screenshot 2017-05-22 at 5.55.21 PM

several hours passed where later he boldly claims to have deleted the offensive ‘joke’, while in mid-stream of his tweets, he didn’t have a clue as to why the influx of numerous comments that his account was receiving. Note – Twitter informed him!

Screenshot 2017-05-22 at 8.43.35 PM

Really David? Deleted because so many people asked? What part of smart are you? Clueless in Cyberspace springs to mind! Well there’s no chance of the typical Leftist “I misspoke, I was hacked, etc. etc.” excuses. Mr. Leavitt, past tensing your name is the omen that potentially speaking… should have notified you that you should have LEFTITT alone!

And just a tip… you can delete it, but many know how retrieve it! Note the screen captures.

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Non-Obstructionists VS. The Liberal Obstructionists

Source: Non-Obstructionists VS. The Liberal Obstructionists

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National History Day Theme – Taking A Stand In History

img_0028Although National History Day kicks off in September, current competition is proceeding to the state contest in Washington State this Saturday. I was honored to participate as a preparatory judge today in Pasco, Washington. Subjects were selected by these young adults to research and detail their position. I found my group of 9th and 10th graders, widely diverse not without some controversy but, deeply dedicated to full knowledge, well sourced, and passionate about their subject.

One student came with no paper but was spot on with delivery and excellent when queried. Another student brought report, notes, and a full power point display. Both students were equally impressive. The subjects ranged from Bloody Sunday to Miep Gies to Abbie Hoffman and anything and everything in between. These young Americans gave me hope that the last eight years have not stupefied all of the youth in the USA but maybe leaned a whole lot left.

I found that one young lady who titled her submission “Abbie Hoffman Antiwar Rebel taking a stand against capitalism and the Vietnam war” (typed just as it was) to have caught the moment in time where it was a country refresher. Out of the movement, during Abbie’s notoriety, some of the best and the worst in Yippies succeeded well or failed and fell just as hard. It was the first test of really railing against the DC Machine. She was even balanced and concise, it brought back memories of yesteryear, and I wished her well in her promising future.

If only the Liberal media presstitutes could be as fair and balanced in their reporting as the young minds of today… oh well… there’s always the next lifetime 🙂


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Netflix Doesn’t Want White People Viewing or Their Money

Thanks to The Gateway Pundit for exposing this racism…

I worked all day and came home to see this on one of my favorite blogs

Screenshot 2017-02-09 at 4.13.03 PM.png

So I immediately cancelled my account


Also tweeted


And my new favorite GAB


Now blogging & mirroring on my other blog. Can you say offended? Bet Netflix is feeling the wrath. I told my contact at Netflix that “…you might want to check out Hulu for a new job…” because lack of class will set Netflix back… financially.

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It’s a Rich Man’s Game – Change the Words to Play the Name Game – Sustainable to Resilient/Resilience

You can learn quite a bit from watching other ‘resilient/resilience’ (formerly used term -sustainable) city/university meetings worldwide. I chose to view Beirut’s held at the American University of Beirut (AUB)… and please all… if you watch the video embedded below… don’t watch it to the end so that they don’t receive a Google kickback for viewing.

All I can say is just WOW! The Liberals have been flying under the radar amassing their clown components across the globe for about 4 years or so.

The Homepage from AUB


Nice touch there Princeton! NOT!

I love the links, especially what studies have been discontinued…


Hmm? What does AUB know that the rest of the world does not? For instance… are Arab Uprisings over? No research allowed for Arab World Program… in Beirut? The UN is not relevant to the Arab World? Are there no youths in the Arab World?

The Rich Man or should it be MEN on the Board of Trustees of AUB from Wikipedia! That’s a group of people that need to be researched…


And what does the Board of Trustees want students to learn and from whom? Ah yes… the talking points of Resilient Cities and Chief Resilience Officers aka Liberal Infiltrators into your locale by appointment from the Rockefeller Foundation. These are not legitimate political positions by any means and should not have point to point contact with your duly elected politicians.

Published on Jan 25, 2017
The American University of Beirut’s Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International affairs, in collaboration with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, held a Panel Discussion “Paris Agreement, SDGs, and the New Urban Agenda: Opportunities for Sustainable Urban Development” by
Michele Zuin, Technical Energy and Climate Expert – ICLEI European Secretariat
Faraj El-Awar, (Ph.D.) Head of the Global Water Operators Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA) Secretariat at UN-Habitat Office in Barcelona, Spain
Tony Sfeir, Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) for the City of Byblos

I just love the gentleman at the 43 minute mark… minutes before he had been talking and clearly using the word ‘themes’, but after the 43 minute mark… he slipped and the used ‘scheme’. Amazing!

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Another Clinton Rat’s Nest Discovered with Resilient Cities

Thanks to D & J for keeping me on the path:


Looks like it carries the Clinton ‘STEAL OF APPROVAL’ and will be my forever project for some time to come.

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The Subversive Left Resistance Cattle Call of 2013 and Current Recruiting of Chief Resilience Officers Worldwide

What exactly is a Chief Resilience Officer or how the Lame ‘Brain’ Liberals are attempting to position ‘power-puppet-pulpit’ presenters to subvert the current and duly elected and vetted governments’ good works. Initially test driven and implemented under NYC Mayor de Blasio in our own USA, among other cities, in March 2014, did you know that Michael Berkowitz is the President of 100 Resilient Cities? Any questions on how he rolls? In Mr. Berkowitz own words:

President Obama: America’s Chief Resilience Officer? 07.27.16 | BY MICHAEL BERKOWITZ

Oh and they are hiring… What does a Chief Resilience Officer do? Details just for the Minneapolis position.


I find this previous Chief Resilience Officer recruitment posting for the City of Oakland, from 2014, even more chilling:

…Conduct complex research; prepare and present reports including recommendations and conclusions to the Mayor, City Council, City Administrator, various boards and commissions…

It’s a Liberal & Sanctuary City Mayor’s Wet Dream on Steroids!

November 10, 2014 We Asked 5 New Chief Resilience Officers: What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

I see a bunch of unelected Liberal infiltrators, sneaking in at the city level worldwide to disrupt, interject, postulate their agendaWhat do you see?


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Tip Learned in Washington State Snows


What a time saver and less damage to occur when scraping those frozen/snow-covered windshields. Everyone does this in every parking lot, side street, and driveway on the eastern side of the state. Never saw this done anywhere else that I have lived before and thought it was worth a shout out of appreciation. You can learn value even in a liberal state of denial!

And even though the snow piles grow, fun can be had on a moment’s notice…


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