And 50 Years Later Gruber is Still a Con

A set up man, a player, an ‘architect’…

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Happy Halloween and Don’t Be Tricked This Election Cycle



Use it!

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October 31, 2014 · 11:40 am

The Obamas Ethnic Rendering in the USA

Originally posted on Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South:


The relationship between the Hispanic and Black populations to obesity in children, has never been addressed by the Obama administration, especially by Michelle Obama. Since the year 2000 there have been many studies, and so many more since 2008 by this administration; but it seems that many now only center on the obesity itself. If studied closely, we see that the increase in childhood obesity IS directly proportional to the influx of not only legal, but also illegal immigrants from south of our border. If the border is closed properly, and illegal immigrants deported AS THEY SHOULD BE, there most probably will be a DECREASE in childhood obesity!

Of the states with highest obesity rates, the increase of Hispanic population since 2000 is pretty amazing! Just some examples:

State Percent increase of Hispanics

Mississippi 117%
Arkansas 123%
South Carolina 154%
Tennessee 154%
Kentucky 132%

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Alex for $500 the Answer is: What Do Guru Gangster and Ghetto Describe

Originally posted on Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South:

Question: What are each of the 2 year cycles of the Obama evolution called?

Do you remember the first couple of years prefaced by the Obama disciples and sycophants incantations of “Yes We Can” in haunting refrain like Damien’s disciples in the Omen III: The Final Conflict during the mountain speech? They really thought that they were getting a government GURUnope that hope is long dead.

Then there were the two years plus of GANGSTER, with government thugsinvadingprivacy of the individual with the NSA to patriotic groups with the IRS - denying patriots, tea partiers, 912ers and religious organizations the right to legally organize? Do you remember that an American journalist,  James Rosen’s family, was ‘wire-tapped‘?

We are currently hitting the apex of the Ghetto phase of government: where Slugsthat just irritate the populace, invite the lowlifes…

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What is Acting Surgeon General Boris D. Lushniak Doing During Ebola Transfers and Enterovirus D68 Breakouts?

I do not care who is appointed as what during the two current health crises… but what exactly is the job description and responsibilities and

res self-described vision
of the Acting Surgeon General Boris D. Lushniak (and he’s been so for over 1 year (July 17, 2013 he assumed duties)… during the influx of Ebola & Enterovirus D68 – article in People Magazine also on September 9th.).

What HAS he been working on in the last month or so… hmm?

Really? The very best he can do to save the health of millions of Americans is to make a video on September 9th titled “Tobacco Use Epidemic in the U.S.: Is 50 Years of Progress Enough?

Another overpaid and under committed and unqualified Liberal appointee is sucking up taxpayer dollars and lacking any real time performance! Can a DERMATOLOGIST save the USA? 

Should he not be reporting to someone about something?

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Did the Obamas Fail Elocution 101?

What the heck is wrong with these two idiots? Their Liberal education, or lack thereof, is on world display.

Is English their second language?


They are an absolute embarrassment to these The United States of America.

Not only do they both require a teleprompter… but they need enunciation coaches prior to AND during their ‘speeches’.

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Did Obamacare Kill Thomas Eric Duncan Ebola Carrier?

6 years ago there were no concerns about Ebola
6 years ago there was no derelict President
6 years ago there was no Obamacare
6 years ago there were no open borders


Who is to blame for Thomas Eric Duncan’s death? It would appear to be Obama, the CDC, TSA, and Homeland Security.

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Alison Grimes Kentucky ‘Poll’ Cat? A Project Veritas Reveal!

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Upscale Tri-Cities, in Shadow of Hanford Nuclear Power Plant, Needs Free Food Handed Out

It’s an Obama tragedy… brought on by Obama…

free food

On top of the hill in West Richland Washington this afternoon as the handout was winding down.



Earlier it was a never ending ‘Congo line’!

This is the absolute mark of a failed administration.


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The Executive Branch and How It Committed Human Trafficking

The evidence

The eventual flunky – United States Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe

His culpability

 …From 1829 to 1971, he [ the Postmaster General ] was a member of the President’s Cabinet.

The Cabinet post of Postmaster General was often given to a new President’s campaign manager or other key political supporter, and was considered something of a sinecure. The Postmaster General was in charge of the governing party’s patronage, and was a powerful position which held much influence within the party.

In 1971, the Post Office Department was re-organized into the United States Postal Service, an independent agency of the executive branch…

Oct 2013 Following the money, earned in the USA, and sent out of the USA via the USPS.

Remember this ‘solicitation’?


And the results are:

An influx of illegal aliens via the porous US Southern border,
Out of control diseases transported without quarantine,
Radical Islamists and Drug Runners infiltrating, &
This government’s leadership in denial.

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