What IS the BLM Scrubbing?

Ready to research my next ‘government land grab’ reveal and visited the website where it always seems to initiate… the BLM / Bureau of Land Management.

Lo and behold all page entries state

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) website (www.blm.gov) and all associated websites/pages are currently unavailable due to planned maintenance on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 starting at 8:00 PM Mountain Time until approximately Midnight Mountain Time. The total outage time should be no more than 4 hours.

Isn’t that interesting?

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California Residents, The Chocolate Mountains, and Dianne Feinstein’s ‘Bundy Ranch’

Instead of bulls, it’s always been about the GOLD BULLION!

October 5, 2009

Golden Secrets (V) Chocolate Mountain Military Base

citing the mid-90s fully investigated article

THE GREAT GOLD HEIST The Desert Wilderness Protection Act by Karen-lee Bixman

The Chocolate Mountains


Now look into how Southern California has been shaken down‘, and it has nothing to do with earthquakes!

Map of the West Chocolate Mountains Renewable Energy Evaluation Area via the BLM (Bureau of Land Management).

Screen capture of the West Chocolate Mountains Geothermal Leasing Area.


While the land to the west of the Chocolate Mountains is selected to go through ‘radical‘  GREEN changes, the mountains themselves are under the eyeball of the Dept. of the Navy, as the expiration of use date arrives this October. BLM has a hand playing in each scenario.

Terry Weiner, Conservation Coordinator, of the moderate DPC or Desert Protective Council has relayed valid concerns in a 2013 Zephyr interview. She also has overwhelmed with a glorious photo record of the desert landscape from 2011 at BasinandRangeWatch.org.

Public comment on the continuance of military training aka live bomb drops, by domestic and international forces, that leave craters that are depicted in the following video

and can be addressed through information at the Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Proposed Land Withdrawal Renewal website until November 30, 2012.

One area is being destroyed with GREEN technologies and the other by military explosives. hmm? How GREEN is this?

Only Dianne Feinstein knows for sure! Or would it be the Santa Fe Pacific Corporation… oops, uh… the Catellus Corporation? Or maybe it was a joint venture that has been financially rewarding to a select few, but costly to all Californians!!!

Even the BLM website details this interesting twist


The most damning portion of the paragraph is

…and 2,863 acres are lands acquired from the Catellus Corporation by the Wildlands Conservancy using Lands and Water Conservation Fund money and donated to the BLM…

Just look what the Wildlands Conservancy has planned… Mojave Trails National Monument Proposal. hmm? A lot of land donations occurring! A lot of money changing hands? And who provides the phenomenal slush funding? That’s right it is the Lands and Water Conservation Fund



and guess what they do for the DOI via the National Park Service… listed right on the front page…

The LWCF Program provides matching grants to States and local governments for the acquisition and development of public outdoor recreation areas and facilities (as well as funding for shared federal land acquisition and conservation strategies). The program is intended to create and maintain a nationwide legacy of high quality recreation areas and facilities and to stimulate non-federal investments in the protection and maintenance of recreation resources across the United States.

Where is the DOJ? Where is the California AG? Where is the FBI? Where is any law enforcement?

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Tax Day, Land Grabs, & Chocolate Mountains California Blog to Follow Tomorrow

Reworking the UStream to prepare for a weekly chat:

Video streaming by Ustream

Working one land grab at a time from a surprise source. Tomorrow’s entry will be devoted to the Chocolate Mountains.

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The Wild, Wooly, Pristine West is Being Forked

With several prongs…

One prong is the USFWS

Current – Local … In Washington State It’s Another Monthly Land Grab via the Feds! and assisted by the US Department of the Interior pushing ‘junk science’ prong.

Another prong is the BLM

CurrentWILD HORSES TARGETED FOR ROUNDUP IN UTAH RANGELAND CLASH via the American Wild Horse Preservation. Many instances are recorded for posterity throughout this detailed, witnessed, and documented site.

Current – A thorough investigation on the Bundy Ranch and previous land/property grabs is detailed in Dave Hodges’ piece The Bundy Affair Is the Tip of the Iceberg To What’s Coming.

Another prong is the Department of the Interior

June 13, 2012 - DOI Press Release titled CONSERVATION AGREEMENTS FOR THE DUNES SAGEBRUSH LIZARD regarding New Mexico and Texas (note BLM in doc) long after the threat of Delta Smelt Part 2 is the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard.

And all 3 prongs went wild on the Delta Smelt to grab the San Joaquin Valley beginning early 2008, now add in another prong… the EPA

February 2010 - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Endangered Spc is Facts factsheet(?).

Various 2008 – U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Bay Delta Fish & Wildlife Office Wildlife Service Water Project Biological Opinions (“OCAP”)

January 29, 2008 – U.S. Department of the Interior hearing on California Water Issues.

No Date – Not even a simple picture of this elusive smelt on the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT

It is a plan fans, and it does not bode well!

Subtitle should be – HOW THE WEST WAS DONE (IN)!

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Barbi twins warn of tyranny at Bundy Ranch; ‘First Amendment Area’ cordoned off


Everyone needs to reblog this on wordpress to keep it in the forefront. The land belongs to WE THE PEOPLE & WE say OK to Bundy!

Originally posted on Twitchy:

The Barbi twins summed up the situation pretty well considering Twitter’s 140-character limit, but we’ll let the New York Daily News add some detail .

A turf war has erupted in rural Nevada as a longtime rancher and hundreds of his supporters battle the federal government, which has moved to seize cattle that graze on thousands of acres of public land.

Cliven Bundy, 68, has been embroiled in a two-decade-long dustup with the federal Bureau of Land Management, which finally sent in men armed with large guns to surround Bundy’s ranch in Bunkerville, west of the Arizona and Utah border, as contracted cowboys roundup the man’s 900 beef cattle during the next several days.

Bundy’s cattle have been grazing on public land, but Bundy hasn’t paid grazing fees to the federal government. That makes his cattle “trespass cattle,” and agents are currently rounding them up. Environmentalists have an interest in the…

View original 445 more words

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One Less Slug on the Dole aka Taxpayers’ Backs!

… as Obama’s (the Usurper) aunt, who remained in our USA illegally, dies…

There is

No reason for a picture as it adds no value,

No need for her name as she was a taker,

No need for an obituary for she had no accomplishments,

So much like her ‘nephew’!

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Dilapidated Nuclear Waste Storage and Earthquake Hazards – What Could Go Wrong?

If I hadn’t just read that the Inspector General says Hanford capsules at risk in earthquake the other day (April 3rd), reading tonight that a Small earthquake shakes ground near Finley, is another example of those faux Washington state’s ‘meany greeny gusto’ for healthier and environmentally friendly living situations.

Faulty capsules containing radioactive cesium and strontium buried in the ground, near the water table of the Columbia River with the potential eruption of a volcano or several and light to moderate irregular earthquake activity to jostle them around, will continue to create more environmental disasters. How is this green?

Washington state in recent weeks has also proven to be notoriously destructive over many decade cycles to green trees that were cut from unstable or destabilized dirt foothills and mountains. Then Washington state, over the years, had allowed that same  land to be purchased for human occupancy located in a landslide hazard zone - i.e.Oso.

So killing trees, stripping the land, and endangering the public… is green?

I call Bullshit! There is no ‘green’ in Washington State, other than the Evergreen tree or the color of money changing hands!

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Tribute: An Evening With Mickey Rooney

Many years ago, managing another celebrity, I had the rare privilege to meet Mr. Mickey Rooney. Yes, he was a bit cranky in person, but his gentle soul still showed through. The reason his ‘meet and greets’ agitated him so, was that often, some idiot would try to get him to sign a particularly offensive article written about him from bygone days. I was a witness to one such event that evening in Syracuse New York at the Landmark Theatre, November 9, 1996.

A notorious local autograph hound somehow gained entry and literally stole the happy momentum of the evening. Knowingly, he shoved Mr. Rooney’s childhood traumatic article, right in front of him, to get signed. Poor Mr. Rooney left in anger and sorrow… while the autograph goon was bragging that he had almost gotten him to sign it. What an ass!

Just yesterday afternoon, I was thinking of that evening, and did a bit of an internet search as I felt a sudden foreshadowing. The only recent notice about Mr. Rooney, was that one of his lost films has been located in The Netherlands, and was set for restoration.

And then later last night I learned of Mickey Rooney’s death. I will never forget him, as he was delightful to witness on stage and to speak with, on the night we met.

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When a PIA Minority Acts Up, Remember to Relay…

You’re gay? Okay… just keep it out of my way!

You want to act up and destroy people who show more dignity than yourselves, piss off! Let’s examine your backgrounds, political donations, bed partners, diseases, fetishes, etc. Would you like all your business out there for your families’ viewings? How about we check into those adoptions, artificial inseminations, black market dealings, drug dependencies, tax records, etc. Wouldn’t like it… would you?

I do believe that… Mozilla CEO “Victim Of New Facism” Says Newt Gingrich, Andrew Sullivan … are absolutely correct.

And since the 1st Gay President embraces Islam over America, there’s not a chance he’ll share a list of ‘Gays & Lesbians’ for future hunting by the Religion of Pieces ;) ;)

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Current Status of Fort Hood

Originally posted on Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South:

On the rolling banner it states



Still I fail to see how an external web site would be used to notify those on base or outside!

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